¬§§¬ Goodies ¬§§¬

Skins him/her - free - Flirt! at Stargate
Skins him/her with forehead symbol- free - Aphophis skins at Stargate
Eyes - free - Poetic Colors
Her hairs - lucky boards and group gift (tag on) - Govil
Him hairs - free - Savoi hair
Him/her left outfits - MM prize - Wicked Tattoos
Him/her right biker outfits - free - Little Britain
Sneakers - free group gift (check notices or touch board at store - tag on) - Sensual Mistery

Outfits - opening gifts (tag on) - Immershoen

Dress - group gift (tag on) - Ivalde (250L fee)
Black jewelry set is a freebie and lace colar is a subscribe gift - Ganked

You can see below 2 skins tones (Cupcakes group gift notices - 250L fee)
All hairs are from Vixen lucky chair and the black one in the first picture below is the pick reward gift. Taxi to Vixen

Thank you very much all designers!

Poses free - Izumiya

¬§§¬ xChrisx ¬§§¬

¬§§¬ Elvenbreath ¬§§¬

There's a mini hunt at Elvenbreath, this gown and bracelets are prizes of the hunt.
You must looking for 3 Easter eggs easy to find (hint: 1st floor, 2nd floor and jewelhole department). The headband is free, and the jewelry set is a limited free by P/a at AF2010.

Outfits below are Elvenbreath's freebies

Thank you very much Selina Forder!
Elvenbreath Mainstore

Skin - Fi-St (already posted here)
Hairs - MAU's & MEJ's/Posh/Pazazz freebies - Savoi Hair
Poses - dollarbie - *Leafy

¬§§¬ xChrisx ¬§§¬

¬§§¬ Mix ¬§§¬

Dress/basket - New group gift (tag on) - LO MOMO

Dress - OmNomHunt #26 prize (looking for a hamburger behind the desk) - LO MOMO

Outfit - New group gift (tag on) - Lunas Boutique
Boots - New group gift (tag on) - DV8
Colar - picks reward by DV8 (each day a different prize but they can repeat)

Outfit - group gift (you must be joined in subscribe group) or you can pay 50L - DCNY

Hairs - limited time lucky board - D!va
Skin - subscribe group gift - Fi-St
Poses - not free - LAP

¬§§¬ xChrisx ¬§§¬

.::*::. Bliss Couture 2nd Anniversary "TODAY" .::*::.

Bliss Couture Formal Gown Show - featuring a variety of styles and new releases!
Date: 27th March 2010
Time: 5PM SLT

A free gift will be out at Bliss Couture Mainstore after the Show on March 27th!

A Special Anniversary Gift (members only) will be out only for limited time
Saturday March 27th to Sunday April 4th

Congratulations Bliss Couture Team!!!
Bliss Couture Blog

Bliss Couture Mainstore

only 1st picture
Hair - Audacity freebie at Savoi Hair
Poses not free - LAP

Others pictures from Bliss Couture Blog

::: Hyper Culture ::: Releases

HC - Cleo Gown (pitch)

HC - Cleo Gown (cyan)

HC - Primavera Gown

HC - Sweater Mini (March subscribe group gift)

Dont forget to join Hyper Culture subscribe group to updates and gifts!
Thank you so much Christensia Parkin!!!

Taxi to Hyper Culture Mainstore

Skins - new group gift/novo presente pro grupo (check notices/veja nas notícias) - Eret!ka
Hairs/cabelos free - Hazard Kitty gift from Biedermanns and Pazazz Hair Jessica - Savoi hair
VernaRosa jewelry set (white) - not free - Alienbear Designs
Punky Purse (Blood Red) free for limited time/free por tempo limitado - Apple May
Poses - not free - LAP

::: My Precious ::: News

Agnes Mysterious Black

Agnes Janice (To be released)

Agnes Fella Ball Gown Red

My Precious Mainstore

Skin - group gift (check notices) - TULI (250L fee)
Mayur necklace - not free - Alienbear Designs
Mysterious and Janice gown Hair - group gift (tag activated) - Hal Hina
Fella gown hair - not free - W&Y /Skin - group gift (check notices) - Cupcakes (250L fee)
Shoes - not free - ANEXX

¬§§¬ Eret!ka ¬§§¬

Awesome gifts of Eret!ka, check group notices and get your dress/skin, the left skin is on lucky board/chair and right skin is a freebie at store. Thank you luciayes Magic!

Eret!ka Mainstore

Hair with hat (all colors) - group gift (tag on) - Fascino
Poses - free - Izumiya

¬§§¬ xChrisx ¬§§¬

¬§§¬ Ho Wear ¬§§¬

Wonderful outfit with accessories 25L for limited time, so hurry!

Skins/hair/eyes - opening gifts

¬§§¬ xChrisx ¬§§¬

.::*::. Bliss Couture - Releases .::*::.

*Bliss Couture* Shane Dress (Red)

*Bliss Couture* Taylor Gown (Purple)

More releases, discount sales, and colors available at store, go check them!

Thank you so much Bliss Couture Team!!!
Bliss Couture Mainstore

Skin - group gift (check notices) - Tik Tok
Poses (not free) - LAP

¬§§¬ Goodies ¬§§¬

Dress - free - D&L Balroom
Hair with hat - 10L - Rezlpza
Skin - free - Fior di Perle (no longer available)


Outfit/tattoo - group gift (tag on) - Niciline
Skin - group gift (check notices) - Konejitas VIP (ty Konejitas team)
Hair - group gift (tag on) also available in black color on lucky board or 3L- Govil
Necklace and earrings - free - Virtual Impressions


Outfit - group gift (tag on) - Barbie Bitch
Hair - group gift tag on - Flavor!
Skin - new lucky chair prize - Leafy

Thank you designers!

¬§§¬ xChrisx ¬§§¬

¬§§¬ A little blue ¬§§¬

Skin - MISO loom (50L) - Leafy

Hair - group gift (check notices) - EdelStore

Outfit - group gift (check notices) - ElvenBreath

Earrings - MM prize - EarthStones

Poses - free - Izumiya

¬§§¬ More AF2010 and mix goodies ¬§§¬

Hair - AF2010 hunt (bag) - Iren
Jewelry set - AF2010 hunt (bag) - Ganked

Hair with neko ears (color change menu) - AF2010 hunt (bag) - CriCri
Glasses & Bobbypin mouth decor (color change menu) - AF2010 hunt (bag) - OMFG
Outfit - (camp prize/30 min - tag on) - Last Period
Boots - freebie - Marie's

Hair - opening gift 1L/also in pink color - Govil
Top (camp prize/15 min - tag on) - Skirt (lucky board) - Pop feel
Jewelry set - AF2010 gift 1L - ((Crystal line))
Shoes - AF2010 hunt (bag) - {AHC}
Glasses (color change menu) - AF2010 gift - PrimOptic
Bracelets - AF2010 gift - Baubles
Star ring - AF2010 hunt (bag) 1L - Magpie
Tear face pierce - AF2010 hunt (bag) - !SyDS!

Hair - lucky board (tag on) - Govil
Outfit - group gift (tag on) - Last Period
Boots - freebie - Hoorenbeek

Hair - lucky board (tag on) - Govil
Top (camp prize/20 min-tag on) - Eyes (lucky board members VIP) - Pop feel

One more time, thank you very much designers!

Others credits:
Skins - group gift (check notices) - Tik Tok
Poses - past gift & 1L - Striking Poses

¬§§¬ xChrisx Blogger ¬§§¬

::: 'For the Love of McQueen' :::

Modeling "Mayur" by My Precious (gown), and Alienbear's Designs (Jewelry set)
No words to describe, just W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L
They will be available at stores from 1-31 March
All profit will go to the charity 'Keep a child alive'


Alienbear's Designs

My Precious

Hair (not free) - Kiera black with bangs - Sky Everett
Skin (not free) - Crimson Sanguine - Cupcakes
Poses (not free) - LAP

¬§§¬ Miscelaneous ¬§§¬

Hair (color change flower) - 10L limited AF2010 - Rezlpza
Jewelry set (color change menu) - gift AF 2010 - Faceted
Dress - Free St. Patrick's day - A Netherworld
Shoes - group gift (tag on) - Baby Monkey
Hair (color change phone) - AF2010 hunt gift (bag)- Rezlpza
Necklace - February subscribe group gift still available - Dahlinks
Dress - lucky chair prize - A Netherworld
Skin - group gift (tag on) - Buttons
Her dress and him shirt - #30 Twisted hunt gift (looking for a green box)- A Netherworld
Poses (not free) - LAP

On her:
Hair - group gift (check notices) - Rezlpza
Jewelry set - AF2010 gift - Ganked

On him:
Hair - group gift (check notices) - kMADd Enterprise
Skin - March group gift - Flirt!
Pants and belt - limited freebie (touch the boards) - Hoorenbeek
Thank you very much all designers!

¬§§¬ xChrisx Blogger ¬§§¬