¬§§¬ I love gifts ¬§§¬

Skin - Iren group gift (check notices - 200L fee)
Hair - group gift (tag on) - Flavor!
Dress - free gift - B! Fashion

Outfit and acessories: pick reward - Prim&Pixel Paradise

Thank you very much all designers for awesome gifts!

¬§§¬ xChrisx ¬§§¬

¬§§¬ Imani at Car Wash ¬§§¬

You'll find goodies for 10L or less at Car Wash event, outfits on the pictures below are from Imani

Thank you very much Zoey Loening!
You can visit Zoey store too, there are more outfits, gifts and dollarbies
Imani Boutique

Skin - free - AyYaiYai
Hair - 1L - Kik
Poses - free - Izumiya

¬§§¬ xChrisx ¬§§¬

¬§§¬ Group gifts ¬§§¬

Dress - group gift (touch the board with group tag activated) - Azul
Hair - lucky board (limited time/tag activated) - Yuna's Hair (KDC Mall)
Skin - Red Packet hunt #32 - Mother Goose's

Dress/hat - group gift (tag activated) - Lo Momo
Hair - lucky board (limited time/tag activated) - Yuna's Hair (Mainstore)

¬§§¬ xChrisx ¬§§¬

¬§§¬ Couple gifts&cheapies ¬§§¬

Dress - lunatic
Skin on her - Nefertiti special edition 4
outfit on him - Nevers2
Jacket - Helsinki black 02

EMO Outfits - MM prize
NEKO outfits - Freebie of week (next to lucky chairs)
Little Britain

Boots - Freebie - Duh!

Pyjamas with sllipers - February gift
SF Design (male)
SF Design (female)

Star and heart eyes - 1L each one at store
Pink cardigan - group gift (check notices)
Parallel Love

Leggings and lace of hair - February group gift (check notices) - Lelutka
Flats - lucky chair prize - Duh!

Hairs - freebie - Vignette hair
Poses (not free) - LAP

¬§§¬ xChrisx ¬§§¬

¬§§¬ Ivalde gift and more ¬§§¬

Ivalde February gift
(january gift still available, touch board with group tag activated - 250L fee)

Shoes - Midnight Mania - Baby Monkey

Outfit and boots - Valentines gift (tag activated) - Lunas Boutique
Jewelry set - group gift (you must join group BEFORE to go the member area) - Alienbear Design

Outfit - free - Convoitise

Skin - free - Bunny B
Hairs - free - W&Y
Poses - (not free) - LAP

xChrisx ¬§§¬

¬§§¬ Goodies ¬§§¬

Hair with cap - Midnight Mania - Chichickie
Blond hair - Subscribe group gift - Chichickie
Black dress - 10L - Convoitise
Top and skirt - 5L - Convoitise
Boots (for him and her) - free - Duh!
Skin - Red packet hunt #20 (looking for a red packet at poses area) - *Leafy
Poses - 1L - *Leafy

¬§§¬ xChrisx ¬§§¬

::: Skin Within :::

You can find fantastic exotic skins and different makeups at Skin Within mainstore

Amelie Douceur Smoky (NEW)

Amelie Doux Day (NEW)

Anaise LaFleur Fantasy Smooth

Anika Spangle Evening

Zarya Bia Fantasy

Zarya Cybele Fantasy

Skin Within Mainstore

Thank you very much Ayesha Bisiani!!!

Poses with red roses background and sculpt roses to hold - Beauty Valentine 1oL for now
(Ty very much for great dollarbie Suri Christen!!!)
Check her blog for more informations Doll. Poses Blog

¬§§¬ LVS - Mardi Gras Gown ¬§§¬

Just join subscribe group to receive this gown as a welcome gift
Mardi Gra Princess gown
Thank you very much Ravenlynn Templar!


Mask - Mardi Gras mask/subscribe group gift - Chichickie
Necklace - cherry necklace/free gift - Virtual Impressions
Hair - hello cedar/free ball - Analog Dog Hair
Poses (not free) - LAP

¬§§¬ xChrisx ¬§§¬

¬§§¬ Miscelaneous ¬§§¬

Hair - group gift (tag activated) - Zeus
Dress - subscribe group gift - Dollhouse
Skin - group gift (tag activated) - Belleza

Outfits - 1L - Dany French touch
Skins - group gift (tag activated) - Belleza
Him hair with cap - group gift (tag activated) - Zeus
Her hair with cap - lucky board (tag activated) - Junwave

Leather coats - 1L - Dany French touch
Her hair - pick reward - Junwave
Jeans pants - MM prize - Poison already posted here

Poses (not free)
Thank you very much Dove Swanson!

¬§§¬ DJ needed! :D ¬§§¬

outfit/shoes/Dj table and acessories - lucky chair - Sensual Mistery Ty Mat Kungler!
Hair with cap on 2nd/3rd picture - part of Sensual Mistery lucky chair
Hair on first picture - all colors/group gift (tag activated) - Flavor! Ty Traken Damone!

outfit - group gift (check notices) - Sleepy Cat
Hair - all colors/group gift - (tag activated) - Flavor! Ty Traken Damone!
Boots - Unity * Hope for Haiti* Fundraiser 50L - *BF*

outfit - free - *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe* Ty Rogue Falconer!
Hair - group gift (check notices) /also in subscribe group - +Black Maria+ Ty Opera Qunhua!

Dress - free - *RoTtEn DeFiAnCe* Ty Rogue Falconer!
Hair - opening gift - =Roge= Ty Jurian Magic!
Necklace - subscribe group gift - Aimesi Ty Mea Carnell!

Others credits:
Female and male skins with tattoo - group gift 1L (tag activated) - Lavie Ty Pompeja Rossini
Couple poses free - Glitteratti Ty Katey Coppola

¬§§¬ xChrisx ¬§§¬

.::*::. Bliss Couture - Releases .::*::.

*Bliss Couture* Lexie Gown (Teal)
(others colors available at store)

*Bliss Couture* Valarie Gown (Gold)
(others colors available at store)

Thank you very much Bliss Couture team =) !!!

Wonderful skin (not free) - Anaise Cajun Fantasy Smooth
Thank you very much Ayesha Bisiani!!!
Are you looking for amazing exotic skins? Its the way >>> !Skin Within Mainstore

Hair acessories (not free) on Lexie gown - BijouxOr Design (Oriential Tang Empress Ivory moonstone set)
Jewelry set (not free) on Valarie Gown - Azucena II soft antique gold set
Hair - Amour onyx group gift - ATOMIC (250L fee)
Poses (not free) - LAP

¬§§¬ Now a little blue =) ¬§§¬

Gown - pick reward - LVS & Co Street
Hair - Valentines gift 1L - Darkerside
Skin - group gift (touch the board with group tag activated) - !Imabee
Poses - free - Izumiya

xChrisx ¬§§¬

¬§§¬ A little pink ¬§§¬

Hair - opening gift - W&Y
Skin - Antonia love me (no kiss option too) - free only for 2 days - Lara Skin
Cupcake Fairy outfit - subscribe group gift (just join to receive it) - Sparkle Skye Designs
Poses - 1L dollarbies - Striking poses

¬§§¬ xChrisx ¬§§¬