Dress/Vestido: TART Emily Red - Lucky Board
Hair/Cabelo: Angel - Esme _Black - NEW

Dress/Vestido: TART Layla Camo - Lucky Board

there is a hunt on, you need to find 7 back boxes around the TART store.
existe uma caçada em andamento, você rpecisa achar 7 caixas pretas pela loja TART.

Skin: AT design Skin and Shape "Eva" - Lucky Board
thank you Laerke Levenque ^^ for let me know!

thank you Djangel Fallen

:F: Filthy - Derreck Complete Avatar


Derreck Complete Avatar

(skins, shape, eyes, outfit, tattoos, cigarette and hair)

::: Purrfect 10 Footwear - NEWs :::

New release and News group gifts

New release

Maia Lace heels

(more colors available at mainstore/disponível em outras cores na loja)

New VIP group gift (fee to join/taxa p/ entrar) - New Standart group gift

Thank you designers!!!

Purrfect 10 Footwear Mainstore

Purple Poses


Kiera hair/cabelo - Sky Everett

Misty skin - League

Pandora jewelry set/Jóias - Alienbear Designs

Diva lingerie - Blacklace

::: Mashooka NEWs and group gift :::


Mashooka Prisashi gown

(more colors available at mainstore/disponível em outras cores na loja)

(Gown on picture as a group gift/vestido na foto é presente do grupo)

(fee to join/tem taxa pra entrar)

Thank you designers!!!

Skin - Alvulo group gift - already posted by my sys Kyra Pfeffer

Cute Sunday!




Dress/Vestido: C'est Moi! Flower grey boxed - Project Themeory
Necklace/Colar: suzy / antique ribbon necklace KDC - lucky board (need tag KDC/precisa da tag da KDC)
Shoes/Sapatos: SLC Pumps Flower black-rose - $60L Weekends (later it will cost/depois custará L$ 199)
Bag/Bolsa: !1mm*** choco bag - 1 L
on hand/na mão: hair shushu for u.f.o family! - group gift see notices
Hair/Cabelo: .+*HS*+. Group 8000 Thank you Gift Hair ::LUCY:: 2C
Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. Ai (LB) - lucky board
Socks/Meias: "*noju* laceup socks set Fatpack - not avaliable

Poses: Juxtapose - Still Breathing Poses - May Release

It´s Sunday!

and a new gift in The White Armory for group ^^
e um novo presente para membros do grupo ^^




Gown/Vestido: **TWA**Royal Sapphira Gown Set-Group Gift Boxed - GROUP GIFT
Skin: [Al Vulo!] - [ inuit elena group gift ] GROUP GIFT
Necklace/Colar: suzy / antique ribbon necklace KDC - Lucky Board (ned tag KDC/precisa da tag da KDC)
Hair/Cabelo: TRUTH Rose - not free

Poses: Juxtapose - Stronger Poses - May Release

Red and Black!

This amazing set is on sale, 50% off, ONLY this weekend in Mischief store, so hurry!
Este conjunto show completo está em promoção, 50% de desconto, na loja Mischief, mas SOMENTE este final de semana, corra!



Clothes+Shoes+Bag/Roupas+Sapato+Bolsa:**MIS** Pamela Casual - SALE
Hair/Cabelo: [Me.] Miley '11 - mostwanted WEAR ME - GROUP GIF (FREE to join see notices/livre para se juntar veja as noticias)
Bracelet/Pulseira: PRIMALOT 'Keera' bracelet group gift - FREE subscribe
Skin: ::ExO:: Mina Pale light - not free

Poses: DM

Thank you Ed Papp

Dolly Dash Hunt!

I love Doll hunts, this weekend ONLY ...Dolly Dash Hunt, just 8 stores. Find a little bag, the start point is here. Good lucky!
Eu adoro caçada de bonecas, este final de semana SOMENTE... Dolly Dash Hunt, apenas 8 stores. Ache uma sacolinha, começa neste local. Boa sorte!



Dress/Vestido: .:Dolly Dash:. Hunt Giftie (Filthy Things)
Bear + Ears/ Ursinho + Orelhas .:Dolly Dash:. Hunt Giftie Dirty Dollies+Little Dollies!!
Hair/Cabelo.:Dolly Dash:. Hunt Giftie ::DaRk DoLls::
Shoes/Sapatos: SLC Pumps Flower black-red - $60L Weekends (later it will cost/depois custará L$ 199)


Lingerie: .:Dolly Dash:. Hunt Giftie - Wretched Dollies
Skin: BDay Gift~Mynerva~Little Beckie - not avaliable

Poses: Juxtapose Stronger - May Release - Juxtapose

Thank you Serina Lacava, Rain Laval

Red Dream!



Gown/Vestido: Sascha´s Designs - SAS - June 2011 Gown (group gift- 50 L fee/taxa de adesão)

Skin: [PF] Ember - Set 2 - not free
Hair/Cabelo: TRUTH Miranda - browns - not free

Poses: Miamai and DM

Bad Girl!

An increduble release in K-Code, this amazing set, which includes boots and jacket. Go to check it!
Um lançamento super show na K-Code, este maravilhoso conjunto, que inclui botas e a jaqueta, Vale a pena conferir!






Complete Outfit: K-CODE ROCK'n STYLE4 - RELEASE
Hair/Cabelo: **Dura-Girl**20 - RELEASE
Necklace/Colar: miel - FRIENDO necklace - FIFTY FRIDAY - 50 L
Bracelet/Pulseira:miel - FRIENDO bracelet - FIFTY FRIDAY - 50 L
Skin: [PF] Ember - Set 2

Poses:Ricielli and F*S

thank you Kara Dresler

I need to sleep!

lol, last post or first today!
lol, último post ou primeiro hoje!


Dress/Vestido: +TMH+ #01 ..::Rasetsukoku::.. [1 of 2] - HUNT look for an apple


Dress/Vestido: *Cupcakes - Floral Halter Dress - Red - 25 L


Dress/Vestido: *Cupcakes - May Flowers Dress - group gift (250 L fee/taxa de adesão)

Shoes/Sapatos: Aniri´s Boutique Desiree spink - RELEASE
Necklace/Colar: ** ! JustIce ! Necklace Gift Special Edition Box Jewels - FREE subscribe
Hair/Cabelo: .: vive9 :. Wang in Dye Tones - FREE
Skin: [PF] Ember - Set 2

Poses: Olive Juice

Thank you Aniri Tinkel

Marry Me? Part II

second part..
segunda parte...


Complete outfit/Roupa Completa: MMH #25 - Naughty Naughty


Complete outfit/Roupa Completa: MMH #29 - Brandy's Boutique


Gown/Vestido + bouquet/buquê: MMH #24 - Dressed by Lexi


Lingerie+socks/meias: MMH 5 - Carrie's Lingerie
Necklace/Colar: MMH #09 - SIGMA Jewels
Nails/Unhas: MMH #12 - Deviant Designs

Skin: :: Exodi :: 12 Days of Xmas - Gift #8 - old
Hair/Cabelo: (Posh) ; Egotistical ; Brunettes - old

Poses: Diva, FS, Modd.G, Poseur

Marry Me? Part I

This hunt Marry me Adult Hunt occurs until 31st May, so if you intend to marry looking for a little white cake along 30 stores. More information here.

Esta caçada Marry me Adult Hunt ocorre até dia 31 de Maio, então se você pretende casar procure por um bolo branco pequeno pelas 30 lojas. Maiores informações aqui.


Complete outfit/Roupa completa: MMH #03 - LC Designs


Gown/Vestido: MMH #01 - Wildz Creations
Bouquet/Buquê: MMH #17 - Zoe's Garden


Nails/Unhas: MMH #12 - Deviant Designs
Necklace/Colar: MMH #09 - SIGMA Jewels
Skin: :: Exodi :: 12 Days of Xmas - Gift #8 - old
Hair/Cabelo: (Posh) ; Egotistical ; Brunettes - old

Poses: Diva, FS, Modd.G, Poseur

::: DiamonX Studios Gowns :::

DiamonX Studios

If you like victorian/medieval gowns, check these and others on lucky chairs prizes at DX

Se vc gosta de vestidos vitorianos/medievais, estes vestidos e outros estão na lucky chair da DX

DiamonX Mainstore

Purple Poses

Scarlet pale tropics skin
:F: Filthy

Hairs/cabelos - limited gatcha (30L)


Thank you designers!!!

Last Day Hurry!

last day for this hunt Ice Cream Spring Hunt, see more information here.
último dia para esta caçada Ice Cream Spring Hunt, veja maiores informações aqui.



Hair/Cabelo: **ICSH Item** AD Creations - HUNT find an ice cream/ache um sorvete
Skin + Ice Cream/Sorvete: **ICSH Item** Miss Murder - HUNT find an ice cream/ache um sorvete
Dress/Vestido: **ICSH Item** ---.::Y&R::. - HUNT find an ice cream/ache um sorvete
Sweet/Doce: DDD_Sw3:5:Chocolate(bitter) - Albero gacha 15 L



Hiar/Cabelo: .+*HS*+. Group 8000 Thank you Gift Hair ::LUCY:: 2C - group gift
Dress/Vestido: **ICSH Item** by SHIKI - HUNT find an ice cream/ache um sorvete

Poses: FS and elle

So light!

new itens on Midnight Mania´s (MMs) in Rag Dollz!
novos itens nos Midnight Mania´s (MMs) in Rag Dollz!



Gown/Vestido: *Rag Dollz* Dazzling Lilac - MM
Jewels/Jóias: Finesmith Mimmi - RELEASE
Skin: (Mamboo Chic): Saioirse -SPECIAL skin to members - group gift (250 L fee/taxa de entrada)


Gown/Vestido + Skin: *Rag Dollz* Moonlight Shadow Black
Hair/Cabelo: TRUTH Mariposa - browns

Poses: Olive Juice and Modd.G

Thank you yula Finesmith