::: Cupcakes Huge Sale - Limited time! :::

Cupcakes is rebuilding and restructuring!

This means: a HUGE SALE is going on. All items in the store are heavily discounted and WILL NOT be sold in our store EVER AGAIN!
This includes skintones and makeups from best-selling FANTASY and DAHLIA lines, and 8 other skinlines in their entirety.
These will also be featured at the lowest FULL-LINE prices ever.
Clothing ranges from L$10 - L$25
Skins - L$100 single skins L$ 400 - L$800 for fatpacks

You can see some pictures of Fantasy skin and some outfits below
(more tones and version skins available at store)

Just reminder Huge Sale is for limited time (untill next thursday/friday)
So Hurry!!!

Fantasy fatpack 1 (400L only - 100L each one)

Fantasy fatpack 2 (400L only - 100L each one)

Fantasy fatpack 3 (400L only - 100L each one)

Dahlia Avatar kit (dress, 3 eyes and 4 makeups included) 250L

CUPCAKES - Rose Dress - Red
(25L/more color options available)

Cupcakes Mini dress one shoulder black
(25L/more color options available)

Cupcakes Fairy Costume pink - 10L

Cupcakes Fairy Costume green - 10L

Cupcakes Past time babydoll black - 25L

Skins & Model kits

Thank you very much Cupcakes team!!!
Cristie Kamachi

Other credits:
Hairs - Freebies, dollarbies and MM prizes - Simply Britnee
Green hair with a HUD control for the bandana - group gift (tag on/50L fee) - RQ

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