In the pool where the lithe fish flashes and slips
From his covert to snap at the careless, fluttering flies,
Narcissus has seen the curve of his drooping lips,
And, like mirrored miniature heavens, his shining eyes.
And a flush like a dew-dipped rose has dyed the pool,
He has laid his cheek to the ripples cool;
Brow touches brow, lips lips, and his eyes of violet roam
Down through the crystal depths. In the darkening dome
The stars shine forth from their faint, far ways,
Trimming their lamps; and, from the purple haze,
The moon, cloud-veiled, her circle just complete,
Wan as a travail-spent mother, plants her feet
On the carpeted hills, and fearful of change
Seeks her reflected face in the sea's southward range--
But Narcissus, what recketh he?
Guy Wetmore Carryl




Gown/Vestido: Boudoir - Narcissus Lake Dress - very special price
Hair/Cabelo: ::HINAKO Hair ::an&subomi Hair Fair 2012 Mocha - 1 L - Hair Fair 2012
Skin: -Glam Affair - Giselle - Light Kajira ( TDR ) - already blogged

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