¬§§¬ Artist’s Voice - I ♡ Originals Fair ¬§§¬

In our continued effort to combat content theft and to celebrate those designers who are producing original content to make our Second Life all that it can be, the Artist’s Voice is pleased to announce the: I ♡ Originals Fair

There are several designers participating of this event and also there are some gifts for us =)
Some examples below

Glam Affair - outfit

{BOUTIQUE} Disco Diva - dress and glasses

Sysy's - Jesse Jacket

Aurora Borealis - jewelry set
**Trubble** - lingerie

Shabby Chic - Black Valentine gown

Spyralle - pink crystal ornament 1L
The gown isnt free but its a wonderful release of Spyralle (Thanks Kerryth Tarantal!)

Skin - lucky chair prize - Leafy
Hair - Sophia freebie - Vignette
Boots - SAH GIRLZ #138 (looking for a pink tennis) - Demotik

¬§§¬ xChrisx ¬§§¬

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