::: Sparkle Skye & Alienbear Designs Releases :::

There's a new release at Sparkle Skye Designs, this wonderful gown comes with variety of sleeves, skirts and acessories options to allow you to mix and match new looks, not in these pictures but it comes with a veil and a long train skirt, its a perfect gown to weddings too. And to complete this look you can choose any set of jewelry of Alienbear Designs, You'll see in the pictures below the Princess Venus set, so lovely! You can check more pictures and colors of these stuffs at the stores.

*SS* Ciara MoonLight Fae

Thank you very much Sparkle Skye and Alienbear Gupte!!!

Taxi to Sparkle Skye Designs

Taxi to Alienbear Designs

Hair (not free) Model 8 - W&Y
Skin (not free) - Petal winter black Ice 2 - Curio

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