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I received a notecard from Evie´s about this tragedy in Australia:

"For those of you who don't watch the world news, a series of floods have been affecting northeastern Australia, primarily in the state of Queensland, since December 2010.

The floods have forced the evacuation of thousands of people from towns and cities, including my own hometown. At least 22 towns and over 200,000 people have been affected. Vast areas of Southern and Central Queensland were affected by the flood, equal to an area the size of Germany and France combined.
Some people have lost everything, including their lives.
You can check out pictures of the floods here:
When I finally had the chance to log back into SL, I was delighted to discover that Sanura Sakai has put together a Second Life Fundraiser called Extend and Helping Hand (EaHH), the aim of which is to raise funds for the Queensland Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal.
To read more about the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal, to which all funds raised by this event will go, please visit http://www.qld.gov.au/floods/. You can also donate directly, if you so desire, through the information provided on that site."

If you want to help go to Evie´s Closet store and buy this AMAZING gown Milli by 375 L, 75% of the proceeds going towards the Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal. 

Breve resumo em português, está ocorrendo enchentes na Australia desde Dezembro do ano passado, 22 cidades e cerca de 200.000 pessoas foram afetadas. Fotos da enchente pode ser encontrada no link acima. A loja Evie´s Closet colocou este vestido MARAVILHOSO a venda, 75% será revertido para ajuda a Australia, ele está 375 L, mas é o tipo de coisa que vale a pena. Eu sei que o Sudeste do Brasil está passando pelo mesmo. Quem sabe nossos designers, donos de algum negócio um dia se unam para campanhas assim para nosso país também ^^



Gown/Vestido: Evie's Closet - Milli (Fundraiser Gown) in Black (375 L)
Jewels/Jóias: Alienbear's (Sumati Dark Necklace/Earrings (teal)) (sale - 25 L)
Skin: :: Exodi :: VIP Group Gift - Sylvan "2011" ALL TONES (group gift)
Hair/Cabelo:  Exile Erinn/ Dark Browns

Poses: Modd.G and LAP

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