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Stiletto Moody words:

Stiletto Moody announces her third major innovation for Second Life in as many years

FIRST, we brought you sculpted shoes

THEN, we brought you the BAREfoot to wear them with

NOW, we bring you Stiletto Moody cosmetics and a whole new generation of shoes called GRACE. Controlled by The Stiletto Moody HUD we just made color matching of your foot to your skin extinct. With delivery of both a skin and a foot we now create perfect matches in the Moody Design lab. The frustration of color matching just ended.

Just click the HUD button forthe skin you’re wearing and it will do it all for you.

Stilleto Moody HUD:

With EasyMatch foot to skin matching just made color matching extinct. – The cornerstone of our new Generation and a controller going forward. It creates an EasyMatch for al new generation moody’s and in the boutique shoes that are compatible with Cosmetics will have the white heart logo “Stiletto Moody Cosmetics Compatible” Today it’s the distinctive Stiletto Moody GRACE range comprising three shoes at launch – Kim Zahra and Kahlo with the distinctive new Pink undersole and Stiletto Moody Grace Heart.

New Release
Stiletto Moody
True Beauty skin & Kahlo shoes

True beauty is offered in Pale, Fair, Beach, Sun and Cinnamon
(Im wearing the fair set)

Kahlo shoes

Thank you very much Stiletto Moody!

Stiletto Moody Shoes Mainstore

Stiletto Moody Bare


Jewelry - A part of Dark Mimmi set (not free) - Alienbear's Designs
(Thank you Alienbear!)

All poses are from PURPLE Poses Mainstore
You can find female and male poses,
Very cheap >>> individual > 5L-10L --- 5 poses pack > 25L-40L
Thank you Audrey!!!

Hair (not free) - Kira hair black - LAQ
Outfit (not free) - Victoria set - Seldom Blue

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